October 24, 2014

All Access Press Club (Subscribers)

Online all-access is free to print subscribers. User name is your account number, 5-digit number before the expiration date on your mailing label (after you drop beginning zeroes). Password is your zip code.

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Name Position Phone Fax
April Fritch (Managing Editor) Managing Editor 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576
Robin Duke (Business Manager) Business Manager 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576
The Rising Sun Recorder/The Ohio County News
Tim Hillman (Rising Sun) Editor Rising Sun Editor 1-812-438-2011 1-812-438-3228
Janet Hogston (Customer Service) Customer Service 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576
Judy Hoffmeier (Customer Service) Customer Service 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576
Amy Heckler (Advertising Representative) Advertising Representative 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576
Karleen Gaylord (Advertising Representative) Advertising Representative 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576
The Dearborn County Register/The Journal-Press 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576
Erika Schmidt Russell (Register/Journal-Press) News Editor Register/Journal-Press News Editor 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576
Jim Buchberger (Register/Journal-Press Newsroom) Sports Editor Register/Journal-Press Sports Editor 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576
Denise Freitag Burdette (Register/Journal-Presss) Assistant News Editor, Web Editor, NIE Coordinator Assistant News Editor/Web Administrator/NIE Coordinator 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576
Chandra L. Mattingly (Register/Journal-Press) Reporter Register/Journal-Press Reporter 1-812-438-2011 1-812-438-3228
Nancy Franklin (Dearborn County Newsroom Editor Assistant) Dearborn County Newsroom Editor Assistant 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-0063
The Harrison Press 1-513-367-4582 1-513-367-4593
Joe Awad (Harrison Newsroom) Editor Editor 1-513-367-4582 1-513-367-4593
Mary Ison (Harrison Press Business Manager) Harrison Press Business Manager 1-513-367-4582 1-513-367-4593
Donna Metzger (Advertising Representative) Advertising Representative 1-513-367-4582 1-513-367-4593
Lydia Morath (Production Manager) Production Manager 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576
Bruce McLeaster (Production) Production 1-812-537-0063 1-812-537-5576