October 22, 2014

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GED class beginning Aug. 5
Written by thillman   
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 2:36 PM

If you didn’t graduate from high school, the General Educational Development (GED) credential can provide you with a helpful alternative to a high school diploma. The staff at the Education Center of Rising Sun can help you make it a reality. Whether you are just beginning the GED process or you have partially completed it, we can help you finish the journey.

River Valley Resources will provide free GED courses on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2 pm to 8 pm at the Education Center of Rising Sun located at 591 Smart Drive, Rising Sun beginning August 5. Classes are taught by Sandra Bowlus. Ms. Bowlus has over 35+ years teaching experience and customizes learning plans for each student. Class offerings and instruction are designed to help you earn your GED as quickly as possible. 85% of the students served by River Valley Resources earn their GED in less than 8 weeks.

Once you have completed the required GED classes, the staff at the Education Center will help you schedule your Official GED Test at an official testing site most convenient for you. The Official Test is offered in two forms: on-line and paper/pencil. The cost of the on-line exam is $120; the cost of the paper/pencil exam is $70. Test fee assistance may be available.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has announced that a new version of the Official GED Test will be launched beginning January 1, 2014. The new test will emphasize critical thinking, writing and problem solving. Individuals who in the past 10 years have attempted the Official GED Test but not passed all five parts (reading, writing, math, science & social studies) should be aware that on December 31, 2013, all previous GED scores will expire. If your scores expire, you will be required to start over to prepare for the new version of the Official GED Test.

There is no time like the present to earn your GED. For more information or to register for class, contact Sandra Bowlus (sbowlus@occfrisingsun.com ) or Verlene Sharp (vsharp@occfrisingsun.com) at the Education Center of Rising Sun 438-2437 or call River Valley Resources toll-free GED hotline: 855-591-7849. Start your journey to earning a GED today.