August 1, 2014

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Letters to the Editor
Denbo deserves recognition PDF Print E-mail
Written by thillman   
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 11:31 AM


While attending a business workshop in Indianapolis I was approached by two individuals who had been involved with the riverboat gaming commission. Knowing that I was from Rising Sun they said, if your community enjoys their local grant foundations, parks, community center, newly paved roads; emergency, health, sports and school facilities, then they can thank one person. Monte Denbo.

Mr. Denbo was the only person that had the knowhow to get riverboat money for Rising Sun. Others were secretly vying for personal kickbacks, but not Mr. Denbo. He “saved all your community leader's butts from the economic squaller that they themselves created”.

It is rude that they can't honor this man. Unfortunately, your councilmen and commissioners have proven to be too immature to handle vast amounts of riverboat money. Even with all those funds your unemployment has tripled, your schools are a sad rated six out of 10 (no fault of the teachers), your Main Street still looks like a “paupersville” with empty moldy buildings and anyone knows their attempt at an industrial park in that location is a high risk financial folly. They prefer getting handouts from Indianapolis rather than developing their own economy. That riverboat may not always be there for you.

Now don't kill the messenger because I am only relaying their onerous message. But I assured them that because of decades of unaccountability and narcissistic leadership these things will never change. That's why they need the riverboat. They shun Mr. Denbo because he succeeds where they cant. If their paltry power is perceived upstaged they will get back at that person, even if it hurts their community. That's what they do.

Perhaps a miracle will someday light upon Ohio County and those responsible will mature enough, save face and honor Mr. Denbo. Maybe they could name the treatment plant after him. You think? Or has that already been taken?

William Rees

222 S. High St.

Rising Sun, Ind.

Thankful helper PDF Print E-mail
Written by thillman   
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 11:28 AM


I would like to recognize and express my appreciation for a young lady who came to my aid when the battery on my power chair failed.

I was having difficulty getting back from IGA to my apartment at Hoosier Boy.

She came up on her bicycle and stayed by my side, offering to go for help all along the way.

After fifty minutes, she left me safely at the door.

This special girl is Hannah Richards.

Thelma Dibble

NRA provides equipment PDF Print E-mail
Written by thillman   
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 11:23 AM


The Ohio County 4-H Shooting Sports Program appreciates the support provided by the NRA Grants Program.

During the 2014 season the NRA Grant Program supplied guns , ammunition and safety equipment.

This year, the NRA has donated:

1) Two Ruger Mark III .22 caliber pistols

2) One Ruger American .22LR

3) Eight boxes (250 rounds per box) of 12 Ga. ammunition

4) Three 12 packs of clear safety glasses

5) Four boxes (50 count each) of ear plugs

6) One Stackon 16-Gun Convertible double door gun safe

The total value of the items donated to the 4-H Shooting Sports Program was $1,891.99.

We send a great big THANK YOU to the NRA for their program support.

Bill Stowell-Ohio County 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator

Jill Andrew-Richards-Ohio County Purdue Extension Agent 


United Way loses strong advocate PDF Print E-mail
Written by thillman   
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 12:03 PM


With the passing of Maynard Barrett last month, the Dearborn County community lost a great champion and advocate. Not only was Maynard a Dearborn County Councilman for 7 years, but he was an active member of the Dearborn and Ohio Counties United Way Action Council since 2008.

Maynard served as the United Way Chairman for Community Monitoring and Investment from 2011 to 2013. This position involved visiting local partner agencies to oversee that donation dollars were spent appropriately. In addition, Maynard travelled to meetings at Cincinnati area United Way to promote the Dearborn County area.

Maynard always jumped in to help! He manned the United Way booth for Music on the River, he flipped burgers for the Dearborn County campaign event, and he was the chief server for the Wine & Walk at the United Way office.

Maynard will be sorely missed. Maynard truly knew how to “Live United!”

Julie Dietz

Action Council President

Dearborn & Ohio Counties Chapter of United Way

Enjoyed Splash In PDF Print E-mail
Written by thillman   
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 12:02 PM


A heartfelt Thank You to the people of Rising Sun for building an outstanding seaplane facility and for hosting this weekend's Splash In.

I flew shotgun in a friend's seaplane, arriving Saturday. We found a welcoming community, good food, good music, beautiful airplanes, and an amazing stretch of river we hope to revisit.

We'll be back next year!

Stuart W. Fraley, MD



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