April 19, 2014

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Letters to the Editor
After Prom help needed PDF Print E-mail
Written by thillman   
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 11:16 AM


Plans for the 8th annual Rising Sun After Prom are in full swing. Statistically, prom night is one of the most dangerous nights of the year for teens. For the past 7 years, Rising Sun has hosted an after prom to provide a fun and safe alternative for our high school juniors and seniors. The event has been a huge success and a wonderful way for our community to work together for a very important cause.

After Prom has been the recipient of wide spread community support but it may be new to some. The event is held at the Rising Sun Church of Christ immediately following prom and lasts until 4:00 am. The kids must sign in by midnight and cannot leave before 4:00 am unless a parent comes and signs them out. It features music, games, food and prizes, but most importantly a fun and safe way for our high school students to spend prom night.

Although the event is held at the Rising Sun Church of Christ, it takes the entire community to make after prom a success. And if one young person is saved from making a dangerous decision with potentially lifelong consequences, it is a success. The generosity of our community has been amazing in the past and we are asking for that support again this year.

If you would like to make a donation to the after prom (donations are tax deductable), you can send it to Rising Sun Church of Christ, 430 Fifth Street, Rising Sun, IN 47040. These donations are used strictly for after prom. Checks should be made out to Rising Sun Church of Christ, c/o After Prom. We really appreciate your help and support.

Bev Eads, Tonia Minks

After Prom Committee

Clearing up racing facts PDF Print E-mail
Written by thillman   
Thursday, February 27, 2014 1:04 PM


I am writing in response to the article by Tim Hillman and Dennis Lengrich's letter to editor in the Feb 6, 2014 issue. First, I thank Ohio County Board of Zoning members for allowing the residents to express their questions and concerns. Also, thank you Tim Hillman for your factual report on the IXCR (lndiana Cross Country Racing) a FAMILY sponsored event.

I am responding to Dennis Lengrich letter with his NOT factual points to misrepresent the event.

1. IXCR not AMC

2. 9 of 10 adjoining land owners are against the weekend event, the 10th is a relative. WRONG: 8 adjoining landowners may have expressed concerns OR had questions, but did not object. Dennis Lengrich, who lives approximately one mile from the Ballart property voiced his objection. We have no relative bordering our property.

3. We are NOT starting a trail riding business. We ask for a weekend variance as a taxpayer with approx. 500 acres.

4. We have had great rapport with the Ohio County road crew in working together on Cuneo Road mentioned. It is gravel and is dead end to a  creek.

5, Dennis stated “It will interrupt bow season”. Truth: adjoining landowners who do hunt (not all do) commented 'More deer on our side'. We are talking about two days only.

6. Dennis stated 'Ohio County will not benefit.' Wrong again. The hospitality that will be shown and the income for area business will be a star for Ohio County Tourism.

Dennis has been talking against this event for some time and not with facts. He has gone as far as refusing to grant an easement to Pate Water company to run city water to the Ballart property. He expressed his disappointment of the board vote in favor of granting a variance for a one time event with an expletive to Ohio County outside. Doesn't sound like Ohio County neighboring to me...You decide.

We thank the board for giving all present to express their concerns. We also thank you for giving us an opportunity to bring a family sponsored event to Ohio County.

Kay Ballart

11755 South Fork Road

Dillsboro, IN 47018

Memories of March 18, 1948 PDF Print E-mail
Written by thillman   
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 10:57 AM


It was after lunch that day; we were playing basketball and I remember the darkening sky. Back in the classroom we saw the sky turn black and we heard the wind howling! We could hardly see out of our classroom windows on the second floor of our school. I was in the sixth grade.

Our school was built of brick, three stories high with a bell in the tower of the school.

The night before I had watched the movie “Titanic” at the movie theater. It had terrified me to think of such a horrifying event because while watching I had imagined that I was a passenger on that ship. While walking to school I was still frightened remembering that horror.

In our classroom on that windy day after lunch, Joe Smith got up to close a window and the window crashed into the classroom scattering glass everywhere!

At that same time on the loudspeaker an announcement was made for all students to follow their teacher to the safety of the high school building. In our fright we did not take our jackets with us. I later remembered that I had left my leather jacket in that school!

As our class was nearing the glassed in hallway toward the gymnasium, broken glass began flying everywhere. We were then told to go across the playground to the safety of nearby houses. Crossing the playground, Davy Zerkle fell; we all jumped over him! He got up and no one was hurt.

Instead of following anyone anywhere I took off running for the safety of my home!

We later learned that the bell from the tower had crashed through the three stories of the building and was resting on the basement floor!

Gerald (Jerry) Lamkin

Indianapolis, Ind.

124 East 58th Street

Indianapolis 46220

New squad ordered PDF Print E-mail
Written by thillman   
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 11:57 AM


The Rising Sun Life Squad is in the process of purchasing a new ambulance.

The EMS has a 5 year plan to rotate squad replacement which is fairly normal for a department of our size, however, this time they have had to make a drastic change.

330 (the blue and white unit) was purchased approximately 3 years ago and is the one needing to be replaced. Since the purchase of this unit, we have had it in the shop for multiple repairs and had to fix things that should not have been a problem at this point. We have attempted to work with the manufacturer but have had constant issues in getting things taken care of under warranty.

We have decided that the best thing to do at this point, since the warranty has run out, is to replace the unit due to these extremely high repair costs. At this time the unit has been out of service for repairs just as much if not more than it has been in service during the time it has been here.

“We feel that it is best to replace this unit with a more reliable unit to better serve our community,”

At this time, a new ambulance has been ordered from LifeStar Ambulance/Braun, who is working hard to meet the needs of the EMS and community. The company is a very prestigious company in the ambulance industry and after many hours of research and comparison, we have all agreed that they are best suited to meet our needs.

We are very excited to announce that the new unit should arrive and be in service sometime around the middle of this year.

Ohio County EMS

Lions Club thanks business PDF Print E-mail
Written by thillman   
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 11:53 AM


The Rising Sun Lions Club would like to thank Heidi Lamkin (owner of Absolute Bio-Recovery Service East) for purchasing 10 tickets to the 23rd annual basketball extravaganza held at NKU on Feb. 7, 2014 to benefit A Kid Again.

This program benefits families caring for a child with life-threatening illness.

The benefit game featured past and present players from the Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Reds, along with local celebrities and globetrotters.

We were able to take seven kids and three adults to the event where the kids got celebrity autographs.

The Lions treated those attending to Skyline Chili afterwards. The kids and adults were appreciative to get to go to the event.

Rising Sun Lions Club


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