September 20, 2014

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School growth with move from rural to city
Written by thillman   
Thursday, September 18, 2014 9:24 AM

October 4, 1962

50 years ago

Representatives from 16 southeastern Indiana counties met in Richmond Sept. 26 to plan for action of the newly organized Allied Organization for Better Education (AOBE).

A study of school enrollment trends in Ohio County indicated a moderate total growth with a shift from rural to city. Total enrollment in Ohio County in 1957 was 882. For the present school year the number is 915. This indicates a gain of 33 over a period of five years or 3.7 percent.

An agreement was signed Monday by the Ohio County Commissioners with the Williams Brothers Construction Company that work on the Milton-Bear Branch Pike has been satisfactorily completed. The seven mile stretch of road was damaged by the construction company when they used the road to transport their heavy equipment while laying pipelines for the Texas Gas Corporation. The construction company contracted the Paul Rohe Company of Aurora and work was completed last week at a cost of $4500.

Band members are thanking the owners of Al’s Big Top skating rink for their money-making project last week. A large crowd attended.

A daughter was born Sept. 25 to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lewis; a daughter was born Sept. 29 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fancher; a daughter was born Sept. 28 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brady; a son was born Sept. 25 to Mr. and Mrs. Preston Johnson (Darlene Hambrick); a son was born Oct. 1 to A2/c Raymond E. (Gene) Roberts (Barbara Sackett). The baby has been named Raymond Gregory.

The new 1963 Ramblers are being exhibited in this area by George Ward Sales and Service in Aurora. The cars have many new features including the all-new advanced unit construction, a years-ahead breakthrough in car building.

October 2, 1952

With the expected completion of the new Arnold’s Creek Bridge and reopening of State Road 56 and 156 early next week, Rising Sun business and civic leaders have planned an “open house” celebration for Saturday, Oct. 11.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Malvin Potter, a son, Steven Ray, Sept. 18.

October 3, 1957

The Rising Sun-Ohio County Consolidated School Board scheduled two more meetings this week in further attempts to agree upon plans for the construction of a high school building in Rising Sun.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. James Burgess of Clearview Heights, a daughter, Terrie Ann, Sept. 25

A mortgage burning ceremony and dedication of the parsonage free of debt will be a highlight of the Rising Sun Baptist Church homecoming Sunday, Oct. 6.

Deaths: In Rising Sun, Sept. 29, Forister Grills, 59.

Landbase Casino Legislation would be costly for county
Written by thillman   
Thursday, September 18, 2014 9:17 AM


In June of 2104, the Rising Star Casino made a presentation to the City and County Council, four of our local State Legislators, the Aurora Mayor and Attorney, and the Rising Sun Regional Foundation Directors. The purpose of their presentation was to gain support to have new gaming legislation that would move their slots and table games from the boat to their existing pavilion. Proposed Landbase Gaming would eliminate the riverboat in Ohio County.

They stated that if this would be permitted, it would reduce their operating cost by a significant amount. Moving gaming operation from their boat to land would require new gaming legislation to be approved by both Houses of the General Assembly and the Governor. We understand their reasoning and have supported them in most of their efforts to reduce their operating cost. However, if their gaming operations are moved to a Landbase operation, it would eliminate the property tax that benefits the city, county and school. The Rising Star Casino’s boat would no longer be used and most likely would be sold for scrap value.

Shown below is an estimate of our taxpayer’s loss based on the boat’s assessed value in 2013 pay 2014 taxes. Their change to a Land Base operation could potentially result in a loss of property tax revenues of $162,672.

Property Tax Revenue Losses per Local Government Units are as follows:

Rising Star Boat Assessed Value $12,759,600

Tax Rates: Loss in Tax Revenues

County .3996 ($50,759)

Township .0100 ($1,175)

School .4387 ($55,976)

City: .3728 ($47,567)

Library .0408 ($5,218)

Special District .0129 ($1645)

Total Tax Rate 1.2749 ($162,672)

Those in attendance of the Casino’s presentation from the city and county agree that there should be requirements made for the casino to make investments in new capital improvements and/or additions with any Landbase operation. We have spoken with several of our school personnel, business and community leaders, taxpayers and neighbors on this issue. Everyone who we have spoken with supports our request for a commitment from the casino to invest in capital improvements (buildings, facilities, & other structures) as a condition for them to move to landbase operations.

All of Rising Star’s local casino competitors have made large capital expenditures including new additions, remodeling, and expansion. Rising Star has spent money only for ongoing operational and typical maintenance requirements. A new three story hotel was built for them and opened in late 2013 with funds from Rising Sun First Inc. Rising Star Casino has a lease purchase and managing agreement with Rising Sun First for the hotel operations. Rising Star Casino did not invest any of their money in the hotel project in land or construction. Typical maintenance and operational expenses are not capital investments. Those expenses are the cost of doing business. A commitment to invest is anticipated and should be required.

By contrast, we are told that the Evansville Casino is willing to invest up to $100,000,000 on land base projects for their new casino if allowed to go land base. Why would it not be expected for the Rising Star Casino to do the same for Rising Sun and Ohio County?

In summary, moving their slots and table games to an “old” pavilion without capital investment or nothing else added will not solve their declining admissions and revenue situation. Rising Star Casino should be required to make a capital investment of at least an equal amount that that would result in our loss of property tax revenue caused by them moving to landbase.

Dill Dorrell

County & City Taxpayer

Business and Residential Property Owner

Member of Ohio County Council


Source: Indiana Gaming Commission

Comparison August 2014 with year ago month August 2013

Admission August 2013 82,555 Casino Win 2013 $5,698,761

August 2014 67,364 Casino Win 2014 $4,447,019

Loss (15,191) -18% Loss ($1,251,742) - 22%

Note: August 2013 No new hotel

August 2014 New 100 room hotel

Thanks for support, many good years
Written by Tim Bovard   
Thursday, September 11, 2014 1:54 PM

I would like to express my humble appreciation and gratitude to my friends, family, and members of the community who have extended their support and opened their hearts to me over these past several months. There are too many to mention, but you know who you are.
Life can deal us difficult times, and for me, this has been one of those difficult times.
Your kind words, donations and friendships have been what have ultimately kept me going.
The past 17-plus years working with the City of Rising Sun were good years, and years I will remember. I am confident that the future will hold promising times and am excited to see what the future holds for me.
I owe you all a great deal of gratitude and I thank you all.

Tim Bovard

Good news in Rising Sun
Written by Steven Jimenez   
Wednesday, September 03, 2014 4:18 PM

Dear Editor,

I would like to let you and your readers know some good news about the Rising Star Casino & Resort which tends to be overlooked especially in the face of increased competition from Ohio. For example, this summer has turned out very well; exceeding our expectations which we think deserves recognition.      
The new hotel addition has increased our availability by 50 percent while still maintaining strong summer occupancy of nearly 90 percent. Certainly, this has contributed to increased gaming revenue which has proportionately declined less year over year than some other area casinos.
We also must remember the unusually tough and long winter that thwarted our true potential. The property is back on track now as evidenced by our performance in July and August
But, we are most proud of our employees who have continually done exceptionally well on delivering our guest satisfaction standards such as in July with a score of 98 percent. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Rising Star team for their hard work and dedication to great customer service.
The Rising Star Casino & Resort continues to provide a great attraction and economic engine for the area and we hope that all the members of the community appreciate what we do and  endeavor to be supportive and positive about our future together.

Sincerely Yours,

Steven Jimenez
General Manager