August 20, 2014

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Lions Club thanks golf tourney sponsors, donors
Written by Rising Sun Lions Club   
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 12:41 PM

Thanks to Vineyard Golf Course and the Keith family for the use of the course.

Thanks also to hole sponsors:
S&O Farmers Mutal Ins. Co.; Humphrey Taylor Detmer Funeral Home; Bowling Farm Equipment; Rising Sun Subway; Rockie’s Bar and Grill; Hickory House; Rising Sun Main Street; Rising Sun Veterinary Clinic; The Survey Company; Rising sun legion; City of Rising Sun.
Also: Ohio Co. Comm. Foundation; Mortgage One; Hummel Ins. Group; Markland Funeral Home; Caudillo’s Pizza; Fentress Law Office; Follow the River RV Resort; Darrell Shell Auto Body; Baker’s Discount Liquor; Friendship State Bank; Little Farm on the River.
Thanks to door prize donors: Bob Evans; June’s Retreat; Valley Supply; Carrabba’s; Frisch’s Big Boy; City of Rising Sun; Baker’s Discount Liquor; Rising Sun Wellness Spa; Neaman Floral; Aurora Lumber; Hallmark; OMI; Vineyard Golf Course.

Rising Sun Lions Club

Utility cusomers should not foot bill for Splash Pad design mistakes
Written by Name of File   
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 12:41 PM

I read with interest the article concerning the NEW Splash Pad at the Rising Sun Pool.

First, I want to say that I feel that the Rising Sun Pool is one of the best things for the Community and kids. I also am very proud of the River Front development -- except for the “hideous” Tree Fountain. The Skate Board Park was a waste of money.

Now, we have the Splash Pad. Why would the decision be made to build the pad without a water recirculation system? Where did the powers-to-be think the water was going to come from? Why should Rising Sun Water customers have to pay for a decision that they weren’t a party to. You and I both know that this is ultimately where the money is going to have to come from. The Utility Company cannot tqwake this as a loss of revenue without impacting the consumer rates.

I like the Splash Pad idea. In fact, I thought it should have been built in place of the “hideous” Tree on tne River Front. However, if you don’t have enough money to build something correctly and for future use, then don’t build it at all. Use the money elsewhere.

To me. to build a Splash Pad without a water recirculating system is ludicrous. lfthere wasn’t enough money to put in the Splash Pad with a water recirculating system ($250,000 as stated in the article), then it shouldn’t have been built.

We need forwarding thinking officials.

Just my opinion.

Name on File

Students deserve better than board choice for uncredentialed counselor
Written by Kathy Steele   
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 12:40 PM

I’ve lived in this community for most of my life and have two children currently attending Rising Sun Schools. I have seen many injustices over the years and have not raised a voice.

However, there has been one that has occurred recently I am unable  to understand it and do not think it can be quietly swept under the carpet.

As a result I am writing this letter to make sure the community is aware of what is happening with our school system.

Our guidance counselor at the high school recently resigned from her position.

In the search for a replacement, our superintendent found a candidate that had all the credentials needed, is well liked by our students, and has prior experience counseling.

Our superintendent spoke with this individual about applying to this position, and also to our principal to see if it could be worked out with the school year quickly approaching.

The superintendent and principal agreed that this individual would be a good fit for our school. Together, they proceeded to present their recommendation to the school board. Then, as a good school board should, they wanted to look at different candidates as well.

They began interviews, and in the interviews they discovered there was only one candidate with all the correct credentials, degrees, and experience in counseling that they were looking for.

The candidate was a teacher at our middle school. He did have one requirement in his accepting this position.

This was to finish his commitment to our students by finishing this fall season, which had already begun with practices.

The teacher was told by our school board that this was not possible. The only way he could have the position was to cut all ties with his current role, as soon as a new person was hired, even if this was midseason.

Instead of accepting the most qualified individual and working with them, they were unwilling to respect his wishes to uphold his commitment to the students.

Being the caring teacher he is, he could not let down his current students. The school board knew he would decline the position because of this.

Now, they have asked the state for an emergency permit to accept a person without the qualifications or the correct credentials.

This is unfair to our students and it will have an impact on their lives. They deserve a qualified individual to be there when counseling services are needed.

I’m not sure about anyone else in the community, but I would rather have a qualified individual that cares that much for their students, than someone who is unqualified.

So my question to this community is, are the people we have representing us on our school board who we want looking after our students and their well being?

Or when it’s time to vote this November should we look at this injustice before marking our ballots?

I do want to say that from my understanding, not all board members were against this teacher, but the majority of them were.

I would like to thank the two board members, the superintendent, and the principal of our school for trying to do what is best for our children even when the majority of our school board does not.

Concerned parent,
Kathy Steele

Courthouse hours more for convenience than service
Written by Name on File   
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 12:39 PM

This letter is in response to my earlier letter regarding the Courthouse hours and Connie Smith’s response.

If the change in hours had to do with the Security Officer being mandated by the State to be present when the Courthouse is open and his/her pay, how does changing the hours without reducing them have anything to do with him/her?

If the Courthouse doesn’t really have to be open for people to conduct their business - ie they can do It on-line, through the mail, telephone or e-mail, then why not reduce the open hours, employees and pay accordingly.”

If you are really interested in serving the public, who you were elected to serve, and wanted to reduce hours and save taxpayers money, why not change the hours to be closed on Monday and/or Tuesday and/or Wednesday and just be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday,

My opinion is that the Courthouse elected officials and employees simply do not want to work on Saturday.

Just my opinion.

Name on File