Dearborn County June 4-H Fair goes virtual

The COICD-19 pandemic will not deter the Dearborn County 4-H youth from completing their 4-H projects this year. 

4-H prepares youth for life by offering opportunities to belong, to gain mastery, to become independent and to become community minded. 

What better way to prepare youth for the future, than by teaching them how to positively navigate challenges of difficult real-life problems.

4-H programming provides opportunities for youth to practice a variety of life skills as they participate in club meetings, local, regional and state activities and trips, workshops, events, community service projects, presenting demonstrations and presenting projects to judges for evaluation. 

This year perseverance, creativity, courage, compassion, community and resiliency are life skills that come to mind quickly.

Without the face-to-face event, the Dearborn County Fair will not look the same as in years past with bright lights from carnival rides, tempting smells of fair food, fun family events, project and livestock exhibition.

Yet recognition of 4-H members’ hard work and project accomplishments will continue as usual, bringing a sense of closure for our youth through the virtual judging of projects.

Project results will be shared with the public through local news media. 

Pictures of exhibits will be organized into a photo gallery to be uploaded to the Dearborn County 4-H web page in July or August. 

The 4-H board of directors will recognize 4-H members in their last year of 4-H publicly; pictures will be displayed on the electronic sign at the Fairgrounds entrance, just off US 50 this summer.

Purdue Extension made the decision April 15 to cancel all statewide 4-H face-to-face events and meetings through June 30 in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. 

Dearborn County 4-H board of directors made the decision in May to proceed with a virtual fair experience for Dearborn County 4-H members and program volunteers after receiving input from 4-H youth, 4-H families, 4-H Volunteers, 4-H Fair sponsors and livestock auction buyers.

The Dearborn County 4-H Association sends its deepest thanks for the generous community financial support provided to the 4-H program in the past.

Educational programming continues throughout the year and continues to need caring adults willing to share their time and talents. 

The 4-H board of directors and 4-H Fair board welcome newcomers. 

Adults with talents are invited to share knowledge and skills with youth, in ways compatible with their lifestyles. 

4-H invites you to make a difference in the lives of our counties’ youth by becoming a 4-H Volunteer.

Contact Liz Beiersdorfer, 4-H Youth Development Educator at for more information.