Here’s a Look Back in Time: Patriot ferry shifts to gasoline power

135 Years Ago
Friday, Nov. 16, 1883

John Toohy fell down the stairs at his residence recently, breaking one arm, dislocating one finger on his other hand, and cutting his face.
Our hunting party - Dr. William Gillespie, William H. Whitlock, John Monroe, A. J. Barricklow, Peter S. Pate, John T. Whitlock, Lewis Cooper, Ira Powell and E. A. Igoe – left by rail Monday evening and is now in the canebrakes near Winona, Miss.
Schrumpf & Told are loading a flatboat at Markland.
Married, near Conaway’s ford Nov. 14, George G. Barricklow and Miss Laura A. Turner. In Dearborn county last week, Frank Cole and Letitia Hillis, both of Rising Sun.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Martin, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. William F. Suits, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ryle of near Rabbit Hash, Ky., a son.
W. H . Clark and F. W. Hathaway have bought out W. W. Miller’s cigar store and will take possession Nov. 26.
Died, in Indianapolis Nov. 7, Thomas J. McQuithey, a former resident of Rising Sun.

125 Years Ago
Friday, Nov. 17, 1893

William Clore’s Sons cleaned out their warehouse of bean hullers during the past week, shipping them south.
N. J. McGuire will move his office to Indianapolis with Griffiths and Potts.
B. F. Buchanan’s drug store is open and ready for business.
S. B. Redd is erecting a dwelling on the ground on lower Walnut street which he recently purchased from D. C. Lamkins.
Married, at Versailles Nov. 14, T. H. Thompson and Libbie Hunter, daughter of A. G. Hunter.
Cora Johnson, Fay Scott and Hettie Simpson are assisting Mattie Waldo in the millinery store.
Died, near Rising Sun Nov. 12, Fannie M. Peaslee, 16, daughter of Ira and Caroline Peaslee.
George W. Pate and family have moved to Dillsboro to live.

115 Years Ago
Friday, Nov. 20, 1903

J. M. Deweese has quit working at the plow factory and is now employed in Aurora.
George Cutter has sold his farm in Pike township to Samuel Dennis and moved to Milton.
Married, in Ohio county, John H. Buchanan and Minnie Cochran. At Windsor, Ill., recently, Elmer Lientz and Olive DeVore. Mr. Lientz is a son of J. M. Lientz, formerly of Switzerland county.
Died, near Mt. Sterling recently, Abigail R. Lester, 72, widow of John Lester.
A gasoline boat has been bought for the Patriot and Steele’s creek, Ky., ferry.

105 Years Ago
Friday, Nov. 21, 1913

Hiram Baxter has opened a box ball alley in the room formerly occupied by Sebree’s restaurant.
R. W. Galbreath & Son have discontinued their auto bus line between Rising Sun and Vevay, owing to the bad roads which prevail during the winter.
Died, at Seymour Nov. 15, Mrs. Phoebe Ricketts Bovard, 59, wife of Joe Bovard. Burial was in Stow cemetery. At Madison Nov. 16, James G. Perkins, 32, son of J. N. Perkins of Rising Sun. In a Cincinnati hospital Nov. 15, Mary Lucille, infant daughter of John Cofield.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Elliott of near Hartford, a daughter, Nov. 14. To Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Chandler of near Bascom, a son, Nov. 17. To Mr. and Mrs. Ezra VanTyle of near East Enterprise, a son, Nov. 16.
Married, in Rising Sun Nov. 15, Edward Evans and Miss May Walston of near Hartford.

95 Years Ago
Friday, Nov. 16, 1923

Married, in Rising Sun Nov. 10, Robert C. Lamkin and Miss Ethel A. McLaughlin. In Rising Sun Nov. 10, Louis W. Baker and Miss Edna B. Hoover, both of Aurora.
Ohio and Dearborn county commissioners met jointly at Hartford Thursday to decide the kind of bridge to be built at the Hartford ford.
Died, in Cincinnati Nov. 9, Thelma Long, daughter of Mrs. Ollie Gibbs. She was  born in Rising Sun July 14, 1910.
Born, at Patriot Nov. 9, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Abbott.
Earl Jones, who recently moved here from Blue Ash, O., is employed at the Gibson hardware store.
Edgar Alvin is the name given the son born Nov. 7 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hastings.
Ben Palmer and family have moved here and are occupying an apartment in the Ira North property on Fourth street.

85 Years Ago
Friday, Nov. 17, 1933

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huffman (Frances Pavy) of Cleves, O., a son, Nov. 8.
Work at the Rising Sun C. C. C. camp is nearing completion. A. J. Probst and eight men left Wednesday to work on buildings at a camp near Milan.
Died, in Rising Sun Nov. 12, Mrs. Eleanor Hall, 86, widow of Banner D. Hall. In Chicago Nov. 12, Mrs. George E. Moredock, 47, a native of Switzerland county. In Rising Sun Nov. 11, Mrs. Florence Marshall, 43, widow of Steve Vaughn.
Married, near Rising Sun Nov. 10, Roy E. Elliot and Marguerite Kittle. In Lawrenceburg Nov. 11, Leonard Stewart and Mrs. Sally Race.
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Smith, who have been occupying the Mollie Barney property on Poplar street, have moved to Shelton, Wash. The house and contents have been sold to Miss Ann Dickman.
Hartzell Bovard of Aberdeen is working in Rising Sun.

75 Years Ago
Thursday, Nov. 18, 1943

The Shiners upset Guilford’s Wild Cats, 39-33, Wednesday night, after bowing to Aurora’s Red Devils, 40-28, Friday night.
Ohio county had a population of only 3,475 persons March 1, 1943, as against 3,782 April 1, 1940, a decline of 8.6 percent.
Born, to Captain and Mrs. William W. Benham, a son, at Big Spring, Tex. To Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gregory of Hobart, a son, James Edward, Nov. 5. To Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hutcherson, a daughter, Carol Ann, Nov. 9. To Mr. and Mrs. Earl Green of New Hope, a daughter, Oct. 17.
Died, on the Aurora road Nov. 16, Charles Rutenkroger, 80.
Edgar Cook of Rising Sun has been informed ot the death of his half-brother, Sergeant John B. Cook, 27, who was killed over Germany Nov. 5.

70 Years Ago
Thursday, Nov. 18, 1948

Military services were held at Patriot Nov. 17 for Sergeant George M. Koons, 30, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Koons of Patriot, who was killed in action Aug. 6, 1944, in Normandy, France. Military services also were conducted in Rising Sun Nov. 18 for Corporal John S. Jones, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Jones of Rising Sun, Route 1, who was killed in action June 13, 1944, at Cherouq, France.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Selmeyer of Dillsboro, a son, Larry Lee, Nov. 11. To Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eaglin of Patriot, a daughter, Bonita Sue, Nov. 11. To Mr. and Mrs. James BonDurant, a daughter, Deborah Kay, Nov. 14.
Married, in Cincinnati Nov. 10, Miss Edith A. Seitz and Dr. Harold R. Craig, both of Price Hill Cincinnati.
Charles J. Sanders of Indianapolis, a brother-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Newkirk, was fatally injured in an automobile accident Nov. 9 near Shelbyville.