Be award of sepsis symptons

September is National Sepsis Awareness Month, and the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) is spreading the word about sepsis, the body's overwhelming and potentially life-threatening response to an infection. Over 3,000 Hoosiers died from sepsis last year, according to the 2016 IHA Inpatient Discharge Study.

IHA is partnering with hospitals across the state to create reliable systems of care to reduce the risk of sepsis.

"Sepsis is more common than heart attacks, yet many Hoosiers have never heard of it," said Brian Tabor, president of IHA. "We want hospital staff, patients and the community to be aware of what it is and what to do if they suspect sepsis."

IHA says hospital staff, patients and the community should know the warning signs of sepsis, which include:

*         Shivering, fever, very cold

*         Extreme pain

*         Pale or discolored skin

*         Sleepy, difficult to wake up, confused

*         I feel like I might die

*         Shortness of breath

For more information about sepsis, be sure to follow #SurviveSepsis on social media throughout the month. For more information about Sepsis Awareness Month, visit<file:///C:\Users\cynthiar\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Outlook\SD0U6JX5\>