Conservancy offers free trees

Oak Heritage Conservancy will be giving away native trees and shrubs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 5, at 109 N. High St. (Ind. 56) in Rising Sun, during the Rising Sun Community Wide Yard Sale.
Oak Heritage Conservancy is a local nonprofit that creates nature preserves. They recently purchased 80 acres of the Dibble Farm, including prime Monarch butterfly habitat, in Ohio County.
“Planting a native tree or shrub is a great way to welcome butterflies and birds into your yard,” says Liz Brownlee, executive director of Oak Heritage Conservancy.
“This year, we’re giving away native shrubs that wildlife love - and that are beautiful,” she said.
Area residents can stop by Chan’s Plant Sale to pick up one free Elderberry and one free Silky Dogwood, says Brownlee.
 Elderberry is a medium-sized shrub that has white flowers in spring and edible purple berries in summer, renown ingredient for elderberry wine. They like to grow well in full to partial sun, near streams or in moist, well-drained places. Birds love the flowers and berries - as do people!
 Silky Dogwood is a shrub that grows to 5’-10’ tall, and prefers partial shade. It has creamy white flowers in spring and provides cover for wildlife, including songbirds. It has red berries and reddish foliage in the fall.
Oak Heritage is giving away one-year-old saplings, but they will grow quickly. Instructions for tree planting will be available.