Bell and clock company is turning 175

The oldest family-owned business in Ohio is turning 175 this year, and inviting the nation to celebrate with them Sept. 15 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. at their factory in Cincinnati.

The Verdin Company is a world-renowned, sixth-generation family manufacturer of cast bronze bells, carillons, clocks and towers and the inventors of the first electric bell ringer in America. The Smithsonian Institute, Walt Disney World and the World Peace Bell are just three of the 55,000 installations.

Locally, the company created the Veteran Tribute Tower on Rising Sun’s riverfront, the War Memorial to the Common Man located at the end of Walnut Street at the levee in Downtown Lawrenceburg, and the clock in Dillsboro’s Heritage Pointe park.

The Verdin Company is recognizing its milestone anniversary with a special organ and bells concert at its bell factory in Cincinnati.

In this performance, organs are interfaced to the sound of cast bronze bells for a melodious sound. The public is invited to attend.
The Verdin Company was founded in 1842 by French immigrant brothers Francois de Sales and Michel Verdin.

It installed its first product, a tower clock, at Old St. Mary’s Church in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati. In the following 175 years, the company has been operated by six generations of the Verdin family, who still own and operate it today.

The Verdin Company’s work has created focal points in thousands of churches and public spaces around the world, helping communities transform public spaces into vital settings that showcase the community, spur rejuvenation and gather people together.

“Among other purposes, our work instills a sense of collective pride,” says Jim Verdin. “Whether we’re providing a focal point in a public space, adding distinction to a college campus, bringing churches together to worship or creating legacies for donors, our installations transform the spaces they enter.”
•The company’s history is marked by noteworthy breakthroughs and innovations, including:
•Invention of the first electric bell ringer in America (previously, all bells were rung by hand) (1927)
•Introduction of electrification to many installations that were previously manually operated (1930s and 40s)
•Installation of the largest swinging cast bell in America (2000)
•Evolution into becoming the only mobile bell foundry in the world (2001)
•Creation of the world’s only foot piano at Smale Park in Cincinnati (2015)

Last year, in addition to its bells, clocks and towers, The Verdin Company added an organ division with the most comprehensive collection of pipe organs, digital organs, hybrid organs and digital pianos ever offered by a single company.

The Verdin Company’s factory is located at 3900 Kellogg Avenue in Cincinnati. For more information about the company, visit or follow them on Facebook.