OCCF Awards 2017 Certification Scholarships

The Ohio County Community Foundation announces 19 individuals received the 2017 Certification Scholarships.

Scholarship amounts varied dependent upon the amount of the certification program in which the student was enrolled. Awards cannot exceed $300. The total amount awarded for the year was $3,375.

The recipients include: Kasey Baker, Jacob Bovard, Jena Bovard, Riley Bovard, Kristina Briceno, Kathryn Darnell, Danyka Groover, Saige Groover, Kaleigh Mann, Sandra Ochs, Judy Pater, Noah Pflum, Shirley Probst, Tara Roeder, Jake Scott, Sara Smart, Whitney Smart, Donita Valentine and Erin Webb.

The Certification Scholarship is available to all current Ohio County residents who have resided within Ohio County for at least one year and are seeking to earn a certification. The additional scholarship criteria may be obtained by calling the Ohio County Community Foundation or by going to www.occfrisingsun.com and accessing the current year application in January. Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis until funds allocated for the calendar year are depleted.

The Certification Scholarship was established within the Ohio County Community Foundation in June 2013 by then-mayor Branden Roeder, city clerk-treasurer Rae Baker Gipson and the Rising Sun City Council.

It is the goal of the City of Rising Sun to financially assist residents of Ohio County who are seeking to earn a certification. A certification is a designation earned by a person to assure qualifications to perform a job or task. (For example, lifeguard, EMT, Servsafe, Microsoft). Certifications may be earned from a college/university or from a private certifier, for some specific certifications.

The mission of the Ohio County Community Foundation is to build, manage and distribute a lasting source of charitable funds for Ohio County.  Anyone with questions concerning the Certification Scholarship may contact Christy Elbright at 812-438-9401 or by e-mail at celbright@occfrisingsun.com.