Continuing Education Scholarship applications available

Applications for the 2019 Continuing Education Scholarships administered by the Ohio County Community Foundation are currently available on the Foundation’s website.

The scholarships were established within the Foundation by donors with a vision to provide educational grants for current college students and adults wishing to continue their education or begin working toward a degree.

The scholarships are available to qualifying Ohio County residents and graduates of Rising Sun High School who are pursuing a License or Certification to practice within a specific vocation, technical degree, trade akills, associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree. Each scholarship has specific criteria set up by the donor who established the scholarship fund.

The following is a list of the available Continuing Education Scholarship applications, including the award amount and number of scholarships to be awarded.

The ACE Scholarship, Award is $250 (4 Scholarships); the Anderson-Mondary Scholarship, Award is $1,000 (1 scholarship); the Denny Carrigan Memorial Scholarship, Award is $850 (1 scholarship); the Ralph & Evelyn Galbreath Memorial Scholarship, Award is $250 (2 scholarships); the Joanne Hamilton and son Bill Memorial Scholarship, Award is $500 (1 scholarship); the Homer Pastor Scholarship, Award is $1,000 (1 Scholarship); Wilma Lohide scholarship, Award is $1,500 (1 Scholarship); OCCF Traditional Scholarship, Award is $1,000 (20 scholarships); OCCF Non-Traditional Scholarship, Award is $500 (7 scholarships); OCCF Vocational/Technical/Licensure Scholarship, Award is $600 (3 scholarships);

Rising Sun Volunteer Fire Department Emergency Services Scholarship, Award is $500 (1 scholarship); and the Master’s Degree Scholarship, Award is $2,000 (5 scholarships).

To apply and/or view the scholarship criteria, please visit the Foundation website at and choose the Continuing Education Scholarship link under the Scholarship tab. All applications must be completed and submitted online. The application deadline is May 3, 2019.

Awards will be announced in July. Scholarship awards may not be used for classes taking place or in progress before the award date.

For questions, please contact Stephanie Scott, Program Coordinator, at or 438-9401.

For more information, contact Peg Dickson, executive director at the Foundation office. The Ohio County Community Foundation is at 330 Industrial Access Drive, Rising Sun.