Alumni Association says thanks

To the editor,
The Rising Sun High School 144th Alumni Dinner was Saturday, June 15, at the Community Center, South Mulberry Street, in Rising Sun.
The 140 guests were welcomed by Connie (Grace) Brown, alumni president. The invocation was given by George Kittle. The meal was catered by the Rolling Pin Catering.
A short business meeting was held with the treasurer’s and secretary’s reports read.
Introduction of the honored classes included members from 1939, 1949, 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, and 2019.
The class of 1969 was presented 50-year pins. Class member Darlene Harris gave a presentation for the deceased members of 1969.
Special recognition went to:
 Olive Weaver, who is an 80-year Alumni from the Class of 1939. Mrs. Weaver was given a bouquet of flowers.
 Mary (Pavey) Sieben, Class of 1959, from Colorado, for traveling the farthest; and
 Pat (Hautman) Cleeter, president of the class of 1969, for being the highest ranking officer in attendance from the 50-year class. Mary and Pat received $25 each.
Marnie Carr, Class of 1964, won a county blanket donated by the City of Rising Sun.
Anita (Swinford) Massey, historian, read the names of the Alumni members who passed away through out the year, while candles were lit.
Carolyn Brown, RSHS Spirit Scholarship committee member, presented scholarships of $750 each to Nick Koons and Noah Pflum from the class of 2019.
The RSHS Spirit Scholarship received $965 in donations. The 2019 RSHS Alumni Committee thanks everyone who helped with the dinner or made a donation to the Spirit Scholarship Fund.
The Alumni Association provided the door prizes.
George Kittle gave the benediction which concluded the evening.
Tom Cappel photographed the individual honored classes.
We also thank Tim Adams and Brandon Turner, workers from the City of Rising Sun, for helping set up on Friday for the Alumni Dinner. Also, big thanks to the City of Rising Sun for paying the rental of the Senior Citizen’s Building.

Committee members were: Connie Brown, Marcia Bowling, Yvonne Walton, and Deb Cappel.