It’s an exciting time to be a Shiner!

Over the last few years, Rising Sun-Ohio County Schools has expanded student opportunities for future development and assisted parents in many different ways.
First, we offer a FREE preschool program to students taught by certified teachers assisted by multiple paraprofessionals.
Many students leave this program completing many Kindergarten standards including, but not limited to, reading, counting to 100, and writing. In addition to Free PreK, we also offer a FREE Latchkey service from 3-5:30 and a FREE early drop off service starting at 6:45 a.m. to assist working parents. Moreover, we offer FREE daily camps to PreK-6th grade students during all school breaks including summer. Students go on multiple field trips each week and many times beg their parents to come back the next day.
Collectively, these three programs have the potential to save each family over $10,000 per child annually.
Next, we offer a dual language program for students in grades PreK-12th grade. Walking through our schools, you will hear songs and discussions in Spanish. In turn, these students will have an edge on other applicants in future careers. Lastly, Rising Sun High school is pre-certified by CELL as an Early College due to the percentage of our students that graduate with their freshman year of college complete. Students have the opportunity of taking 60 college classes at Rising Sun High prior to graduating.
Students have the chance to take classes at Ivy Tech taught by college professors paid for through an OCCF grant. Graduates could potentially save over $20,000 in future college classes prior to even graduating high school. Furthermore, last year’s graduating class received over $950,000 worth of local, state, and college scholarships.
As we enter a new decade, we are thrilled and grateful to have such wonderful parents, students, staff, and community. We are eager to welcome in 2020!