Terrible Situation

I would like to respond to the Nov. 14 front page article concerning Jennifer J. Turner, Jenny Jo to those who know and love her.
I believe the article to be incomplete with facts relevant to this case.
You failed to mention her injuries, which were extensive, or the fact that she has been in constant pain for years with hip and back injuries. She could barely walk at times. 
The drugs she was taking were legally prescribed by her doctor. She had expressed concerns about her medications to her doctor a month before the accident. 
This information is important because it dispels the implication that she was a drug addict. In fact, Jenny Jo neither drinks nor does recreational drugs of any kind.
Jenny Jo is a wonderful mother. She is a single mom, and her children have always been her first priority. 
To even suggest she would knowingly do anything to endanger them is ludicrous. This is such a terrible situation for everyone involved, and I am not excusing the fact that a young woman lost her life and two children were hurt. 
I just wanted a fair assessment of  all the facts. We need prayers for everyone and not judgment.
Barbra Richeson
Rising Sun, IN 47040