This autism fight is personal

not only) caused by the recent massive uptick in the number of vaccines given to kids. Luckily, we both had significant research experience, so we decided to dig in and see which camp we would believe when it came to our son’s health. We were fortunate to find Dr. Lynn Mielke, who was a member of a group called

“Defeat Autism Now,” known as “DAN!” Dr. Mielke, a graduate of Indiana University’s medical school, had completed her psychiatry residency at UCLA. She had been a practicing psychologist until she watched her son disappear into autism after his vaccine appointments, just like our son.

Her research led her to the DAN! movement. Her son’s symptoms improved, so she opened a clinic to help other children. Unlike other doctors we had seen who had dismissed our questions about the relationship between vaccines and autism, she answered our questions and said frequently it is the vaccines that “pushed them over the edge.” We removed gluten and dairy from his diet and took Dr. Mielke’s advice on giving Jamison a combination of nutritional supplements, cod liver oil and probiotics. The regimen flattened Jamison’s belly, and he stopped leaning on furniture to alleviate his gut pain. He started to have more eye contact with us, and the dark circles under his eyes were going away. We could tell he was more aware of the world around him. Although not cured, he was clearly much better.


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